Let’s Talk About Women

Let’s talk about women.

I mean it is Women’s History Month, you did know that right?

The month of March is dedicated to observing and celebrating the vital role of women in American history. This March, I’m doing things a little differently. I’m celebrating women, my women. You may not know them and the history books don’t know them, yet. I’m celebrating the women in my life more intentionally every single day in March.

I sat down and made a list of all of the women that are in my life. The list was long and it got me thinking. How do I celebrate them? How can I show them that I love them? I could do it through gifts but that’s expensive (not that they aren’t worth it because they are!). I could do it through social media, through photos, through texts, phone calls and letters! I could do it daily.

So after I made my list, I wrote a number next to each of their names and had my computer randomly select who each day would be dedicated to. I plugged their names into my calendar for a specific time and decided that on their day, I would spend time celebrating them.

For me, part of celebrating them has been by highlighting them on my Instagram story. Through photos of us together and stories that highlight their work, their accomplishments and even businesses! I’ve also been writing letters to these women as well. This has really allowed me to reflect on my relationship with them. It’s made me think about who I am as a friend. Does my friendship, does my love honor them enough? Does it appreciate them enough? Do I say it to them enough?

While writing these letters, I realized how fortunate I am. I’m fortunate to live in a world where so many women have cared for me. I live in a world where women have consistently been pouring into my life, since I was a child and now. I am surrounded by phenomenal women who deserve to be appreciated on a day-to-day basis. Now when I say women, I don’t want you to think that I’m only thinking of my girlfriends, my sister and my mother. It’s the women that taught me in school, the women that supervised me and mentored me too. The women that I supervise as well. They have all played a major impact on my life.

In writing these letters

, it reminded me about my word of the year. This year, my word is “intentional.” I want to be intentional in every aspect of my life. In my relationships, in my health, in my friendships and actions. I want everything I do to be done with intention. While writing these letters, I realized how it doesn’t take a lot of time to tell someone that you appreciate them. Writing made me reflect on different conversations and instances where these women picked me up off the ground and helped me. It dawned on me; I wouldn’t have made it without them.

So while my social media post and letter may not be a bouquet of flowers, it may not be a new Alex and Ani bracelet, it’s a symbol of my love. It’s part of the story. The story of my life that each of these women has helped me write.

I told myself on March 1st that I want to intentionally celebrate the women that have poured into my life and I intend on doing that. Each of us has a different method in displaying our love and affection for others. Each of us also has a different method of receiving love too. I’ve been wondering lately, do you know the love languages of your friends? Of your mother? Do you know how they want to be loved and appreciated?

Don’t forget to celebrate the women in your lives this month and every month and day after. This could be your mother, your aunt, your sister, friend, teacher or the woman who bags your groceries. She deserves to be celebrated. Now and forever.

So here’s to the women I love dearly, you know who you are.

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