Ruth Augustin, a lifestyle blogger and content creator who works with various brands and writes about travel, life, education, fashion. #contentcreator #lifestyleblogger #blogs #travelblogger #contentcreation

Ruth Augustin

Hi! I’m so happy that you’re here. 

My name is Ruth and I am a proud Haitian-American lifestyle blogger based in South Florida. I focus on travel, life experiences, literature and content creation. 

A large part of my background and experiences are in Higher Education. I am passionate about supporting college students and have worked directly within the Higher Education field for six years. But as of 2022, I decided to quit my job to pursue not only my creative passions but to prioritize my mental health, seek out new career opportunities and to live my life unrestricted from a demanding career. Through my blog on this site, you can expect to see a variety of stories focused on travel, mental health, books, education, life and so much more! 

I am really passionate about sharing my own experiences through my words and creative content and I hope that you’ll engage with me and enjoy the content. 

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