Hello Spring, whats your word?

Some of us hear the word “spring” and immediately think, “cleaning”. Some think of growth, floral and lots of rain. Spring-cleaning allows us to feel renewed, refreshed and ready to conquer the rest of the year. Realistically spring-cleaning is when we also begin to panic and realize we haven’t even touched our New Year resolutions.

If you’re entering spring in a panic because you have yet to set a resolution; don’t. Instead I encourage you to do something different this year. Don’t make a new years resolution. It’s already April so if you ask me, you’re a little bit late but you can still seize this opportunity. You can still refocus and center your year and work towards your purpose.

For years I’ve sat and written resolutions and watched as they failed to come about. 2017 was the first year that I changed that and did something different. At the end of December 2017 I did an activity with my staff that I would like to highly encourage others to consider. The activity was a reflection on the 2017-year and one specific word for the New Year. In 2017, my word was “more.” I wanted more out of my career, my health, my life, my relationships, more books, more traveling, more wine, more laughter and the list goes on. In general, I wanted MORE for myself.

2017 certainly brought the MORE that my heart desired, the more that my body and health needed mentally and physically. I was tested, I was in pain physically but nevertheless it was a year where I felt so happy and my heart felt so full.

For some of us we link our visions with our New Year resolution goal and that is perfectly fine.  Some create vision boards, a list of goals, and some don’t create any, to each their own.

As I mentioned earlier, instead of creating a New Years Resolution goal that I absolutely knew I would not stick to, I was motivated to select a word of the year. Your vision for 2018 could be your word and maybe your vision is not based off of the entire year but just one month. While I do believe that resolutions still work, I know that for me, a word worked better. It made me more intentional within every day of that year.

Vision Sunday is a day that thousands of churches dedicate to sharing their vision for the community and city. Though this Sunday has since passed, reflecting on this has led me to this question: What is your vision for 2018? Whether your vision is just a goal for the month, or a goal for the year, it’s important. I write this in hopes that it will encourage others to be more intentional with their resolutions and yearly goals. It may be April but it’s never too late. You still have time.

Spring is a time for growth, cleaning, and planning. For many spring is an awakening, so let this be yours.

So take a seat, grab a pen and paper, and make a list. Make a list of what you want out of 2018. When you’re done making that list look over it and find the word that keeps repeating itself over and over again. Is it growth? Is it strength? Is it love? Or is it more? Whatever the word may be, hold onto it and ask yourself what you want from it. Ask yourself how it fits in line with your goals and your vision.

So tell me, what’s your word?

6 responses to “Hello Spring, whats your word?”

  1. Wow, I really needed this today. Thank you. My word is bold. I want to be bold in pursuits, bold in my vision, bold in my relationships and friendships. I want all fear to overtaken by my boldness. Thank you for helping me to realize this.


  2. Ruthie, I loved this! And, I agree entirely with you! I think resolutions only set us up for the disappointment of all the things we did not accomplish. I focus more on an; I did it list. I reflect on what I’ve accomplished and steps I need to take to improve my life in the coming months. I would say my word this year is, Leadership. I want to be a better leader; I want to inspire others to lead. I want to lead by example. I want to lead my family. I want to lead my boys, and in-tern teach and empower them to be leaders. They don’t have to rule the world, but I want them to know that they play to win. Whatever they do, do it with purpose and be a leader. I want to lead my husband, and at the same time follow the vision he has for our family. I want to be a great Youth Leader; I want to be inspired by a Great leader. I want to know my thoughts and attitude are consciously leading me to live the best life that God has ordained for me and my family. Most importantly I want to have fun leading.

    • Sherry this is so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing this. I LOVE your word of the year and you are an amazing LEADER! I pray that you are able to continue leading your family and empower others throughout this 2018. Thank you for sharing your word!

  3. My dearest Ruth, 2020 has been a year or unprecedented changes and challenges. I was reminded of this post when reflecting on the year my family and I (and millions of other people) have experienced. My word for this year is agility. We don’t have an option to throw in the towel. The longer we sit the longer the storm takes to pass through. We have to be agile to survive and to thrive. I’m thankful for the consistency and love that God has given me and my family. And, I’m grateful for agility they gives us an new perspective. I started out the year with “vision” and thankfully being agile has helped me to not lose sight of that vision. The best of my life continues to be the rest of my life!

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